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Total Wellness Dentistry
8382 Wayne Dr.
Suite 202
Hayden, ID 83835
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"Total Wellness is great, everyone is very kind and gentle! I always have anxiety going to the dentist, but they help calm my nerves. The best part is that they are super fast and efficient, you are in an out of there with no waiting around."

                                                                                                   - Angelina

"Dr. Z and staff are considerate and do very good work. The in-house yearly plan offered saves patients a lot of money on average and because of this my outlook on my dental health changed from hopeless to happy at a steady pace. Wife is a patient too, who feels much the same. I recommend everyone looking for dental care to consider this office, as we could find nothing comparable."

- Joshua                                              

"I simply could not be anymore impressed with Dr. Zastrow and the entire Total Wellness Dentistry staff. An incredibly talented doctor, who genuinely cares about the needs of his patients!"

- Tim                                                   

"I was impressed with the staff at this place. They were all so kind & seemed to genuinely want to make everyone feel at home, which is a tall order at a dentist’s office. They did it well.

The doctor is good-hearted & knows his stuff. He seemed genuinely excited to offer membership-dentistry, which can be a huge blessing!

The office is new and super clean. The exam rooms are filled with beautiful natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows. It’s a comfortable and beautiful environment. Check them out!"

- Amanda                                           

"Connected with Dr. Zastrow while I was doing the data and telecom cabling and terminations for their new office and got to talking to him about his practice and his business plan. Really liked what I heard about the flat rate membership and decided to become a patient. I had been told that I NEEDED $12K of dental work done by way of crowns, but after a second opinion from Dr. Zastrow it was determined that there was still plenty of viable tooth left, and that doing crowns at my age didn't make any sense yet. Even if I did in fact need the crowns, I'd only be paying the lab coat which is maybe 2-3% of what it would have cost elsewhere.

He came up with a treatment plan to address the issues I do have, and did a great job explaining the process and the timeline.

His staff is very friendly and kind, and I'd definitely recommend talking to them before making any commitments at any other dental office. Could save you thousands!!!"

- Adam                                              

"Went to TWD for a deep clean & a few other treatments! I couldn’t be any more satisfied with the experience I had! The staff is so welcoming & knowledgeable! I’m so thankful for finding this office! If you haven’t joined the membership, you should consider it now! 100 5 star ratings!"

- CK                                                  

"The best place to go for dentistry! They treat you like family and have a great team there. They take care of you and always make sure you are comfortable. They allow you to make your mouth healthy and stay healthy for a very affordable cost. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. Other places make you feel gross and unwelcome, but not here! They are truly amazing and I am so unbelievably thankful for what they do. 💚"

- Nicole                                             

"If you're looking for a kind, knowledgeable dentist who is willing to listen to and address all your concerns, come and see Dr. Zastrow. As soon as you enter the office, you are greeted by friendly smiles and rest assured the entire staff are very caring and concerned about the welfare of all their clients. I would highly recommend Total Wellness Dentistry."

- Julie                                                

"As someone who has anxiety about the dentist and feeling judged this is by far the best dentist office I have ever gone to. Everyone there goes above and beyond to make you comfortable and cared for. The team there is extremely knowledgeable and puts the power back in your hands. Highly recommended!"

- Stephanie                                         

"The doctor and all the staff are very friendly and caring. The place is clean as a whistle and the most modern equipment available.  The membership is good for many reasons but to me it shows they care about the patient first and foremost. I highly recommend Total Wellness Dentistry."

- Troy                                                 

"Total Wellness Dentistry has completely changed my life!! After having years of fear an anxiety my teeth were in pretty bad shape. I had other dentist tell me that they all needed to be pulled. At 32 that was devastated to hear. I came across Total Wellness and was immediately drawn to the yearly membership!! Then I went in and met Dr.Zastrow and his staff and knew right there that this was an investment I was ready to make. They were able to safe my teeth and I have never felt more comfortable and safe in a dentist office! I am so beyond grateful for them and them giving me my smile back❤️"

- Jennifer                                             

"TWD IS AMAZING!!! Moving from another state is always a challenge when looking for a dentist. Finding this membership dentistry was a jackpot! I will recommend them over and over again! Such a great experience!"

- Cara                                                  

"Thank you so much for helping my family and myself have a healthy smile.  When I met you two years ago I had given up on saving my teeth.  Your new style of dental practice gave me the opportunity to be able to afford to save my natural teeth.  I now enjoy my smile, feel great, and love to eat again. 

Thank you again for your exceptional dentistry skills and the wonderful staff in your office! We look forward to continuing to see you."

- Jesse                                               

"Incredible staff and amazing dentist. I’m so happy our family found them!! Saved us so much money compared to traditional dentistry costs even with dental insurance. Their financial model is the best I’ve seen. They have all the latest in dental technology and maintain high industry standards. As a local business owner it’s important to me to find other businesses I would recommend 100%. Everyone should use Total Wellness Dentistry!"

- Rachelle                                            

"I recently was told by my dentist that I needed $8,000 in dental work. My insurance would only pay $1,000. I was referred to Total Wellness Denistry by a friend who is very satisfied with the work they had done. After my consultation, their plan saved me $5,000. Beautiful offices, very friendly staff and the hygienist found some old cement lodged I one of my teeth and I just them cleaned a week before. I give them 10"

- Glenda                                           

"I cannot say enough about this dentistry, they are all the most caring group of people. The dentist takes every precaution to make sure you understand procedures and that you have as little to No discomfort. So glad I found them and with no insurance the yearly fee was great."

- Jan                                                 


"It takes a special kind of business, much less dentist, to invite such high praise. The office staff and Dr. Zastrow are friendly and professional. The "no insurance" rate was something I was wary of at first, but now wholeheartedly recommend. So much so, I rejoined as a family and now my wife raves about them as well. The work done (2 crowns, a veneer and several fillings) is superb and the overall price is a great value."

  - Eric                                        



Call or text us at 208-803-0263 to speak with a staff member about how you can enjoy the benefits our office offers.

8382 Wayne Dr.
Suite 202
Hayden, ID 83835
Call or Text: 208.803.0263
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