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Total Wellness Dentistry
8382 Wayne Dr.
Suite 202
Hayden, ID 83835
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Dr. Zastrow worked alongside our architects, builders, and Henry-Schein Reps to design a comfortable and beautiful office that can be enjoyed by staff and members alike. On top of the beautiful aesthetics, each instrument and piece of equipment was hand-picked to provide the highest of quality work, comfort, and safety to all of our members.


In Office Lab Work


With our amazing cone beam and x-ray machine, we are able to use the best in digital technology to help us better diagnose disease. Our machines are able to take panoramic and 3D x-rays, allowing us to get a thorough picture of your unique anatomy and needs while limiting your exposure to radiation.


Dental Lab


We just added some amazing digital equipment to our office! Using our E4D Machine and Digital Scanner means, no more goopy impressions, fewer appointments, and SAME DAY crowns! Bleaching trays, ortho retainers, athletic mouth guards, and night guards are a few examples of other materials that we can create in our lab. For specialty and other lab work, we partner with the best local dental labs to create the most beautiful smiles around! *Material fee will apply to most lab work.


Office Sterilization


We set up a beautiful and functional sterilization station in the heart of our office. The health and safety of our patients and staff is a top priority at Total Wellness Dentistry. By staying up to date and following current OSHA and CDC guidelines, you can rest easy knowing that you are in good, clean hands.


Water Purification


Our state of the art water purification system ensures that we have the cleanest water possible during treatment.


Office Chair


Our office chairs have a built-in massage function to help you relax while we beautify your smile. At the end of your visit, we offer you a warm towel so you leave feeling refreshed.


Office Lighting


Bring on the sunshine! Each of our operatories has large windows that provide ample amounts of natural light. This light allows us to match colors in aesthetic cases and lets in the sunshine during those short winter months.


8382 Wayne Dr.
Suite 202
Hayden, ID 83835
Call or Text: 208.803.0263
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